Life Vision Investments Block Buster Program

Life Vision Investments Block Buster Program gives you a step-by-step process to break through your blocks and the support to live your ideal lifestyle.

By working together, you'll gain the ability to rapidly change your mindset, reframe life's experiences, take back your power, and stand in your truth of unshakable self-confidence. We'll give you valuable feedback, ideas, and a safe place to kick your self-confidence into high gear. We will assure you of always having a proven action plan for personal and professional growth on your side.

Our effective action plan: Increase your productivity while decreasing stress, allowing you more time for family, leisure, and a balanced life which frees up your mind for more confidence, creativity, passion, purpose, and an abundant lifestyle. In long-term success, consistent action, perpetual freedom, income, and sustainable growth.

We're inviting you to attend a private clarity breakthrough experience. You'll get our best coaching, consulting, mentoring, and training secrets spoon-fed to you in a personal and intimate setting.

What You'll Get:

• Exclusive 12-week Lifestyle Block Buster Mentoring Program.

• Micro celebrity milestones to position yourself as the only authority of your destination.

• Design a powerful lifestyle while enhancing your life and those around you.

• Gain clarity in what you want in health/relationships/vocation/time and money freedom.

• Building strong family unity.

• Great communication skills.

• Live to the ultimate version of you in love and humility.

• A customized blueprint framework, guides, and checklists to simplify and fast-track your success.

• An accountability system to keep you focused and on track, leaving you with freedom, peace of mind, and stress-free abundance.

Bottom line, you'll learn to have a creative, clear, focused mindset that attracts the things you most want in your life with predictability, simplicity, and ease to develop the lifestyle you truly love.

Life Vision Investments Block Buster Program

Your mentoring investment is $2,997, with two easy payments of $1498.50. If you pay in full, there is a fast action bonus of 15% off the original $2,997.00, which you save $449.55. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards.

We look forward to coaching you to accomplish what you really want out of life.

Keep Shining Bright,
Christine Skjerpen